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    Belvedere HOA

    Once again, Standard meets the highest “standard “ with the Yancey’s!!! For the past many years (close to 28) they have maintained our units (in two homes) and we have never been disappointed. The guys are always very nice, thorough and on time. This year we have had to replace both units (16 years old) and have gotten to know Eric quite well. He’s the best!!! Both times the units went out we had a new one within 24 hours. Amazing!!! We highly recommend Standard to you for your air, heating and plumbing needs.

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    Virginia Wesley

    My service call was handled in a professional and friendly manner, from start to finish. Debbie called me the day before my scheduled appointment to let me know they had a cancellation and could be at my house in 30 minutes. I was available and my plumber, Gene, arrived as promised. He did an outstanding job. The team at Standard Heating Air and Plumbing is top notch. I have used them for years and will continue to do so! What more can I say other than thank you for first class service and treatment.

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    Holly Smith

    The workers showed up on time, explained exactly what they were going to do, and they got right to work. They were friendly , did a fabulous job and cleaned up behind themselves. I was really happy with the work Standard provided. I’d recommend them to anybody for HVAC work, Vent cleaning and inspection services for the heating and air conditioning.

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    Jay Butler

    I have never experienced a bad or disappointing service from the team at Standard. They are on time and courteous. They don’t leave a mess, and provide me with a complete summary after they finish. When they have seen repairs that are needed, they give me a detailed overview of the issue and a fair price for the repair.

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    Maggie Law Boohaker

    Mr. Darby and his team are wonderful. Brandon has come to our house twice and fixed things. He is kind and efficient. We are grateful they take care of our house.

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